What is Virtual Betting?

Virtual betting is a form of online betting that is often associated with placing bets on virtual games. These virtual games are usually of a certain sport event operated by a software, just like an arcade game or like games you see in different game consoles.

In some cases, the term is also used as a synonym for online betting, where wagers are made through the internet with either real or fictive money.

How Virtual Betting works

Different software development companies are responsible for the programming part of the virtual games. The games are often licensed to online betting companies, which in turn introduce the games to their player base. Players are then able to bet on these virtual sporting events, which are in many cases showed as a form of live streaming event.

Virtual betting can sometimes be in a fake currency or free credits, but it is quite popular to place virtual bets in real money. That is why many virtual betting sites are operated by real online bookmakers or online casinos.

Virtual Sports Betting

The most popular market in virtual betting is the virtual sports betting market. Virtual sports betting is, as mentioned earlier, offered by many online betting sites. The graphics of some of the games are truly amazing and the streaming of the game makes the whole betting experience so real. Some do even prefer it over a real live events of the same sport.

Virtual sports betting gives you the exact same betting options as regular betting, including team statistics, accumulator bets, etc. Also, you will have the opportunity to bet whenever you want, because the virtual betting sites are constantly updating and featuring new virtual sporting events around the clock! Some betting sites are even offering mobile bets, which means that you can place your virtual bet on the go 24/7, everyday of the year!

Popular Virtual Sports Betting Games

There is a wide range of virtual sports betting events to choose from. We have listed some of the most popular virtual sports that can be found on the internet. Check out your options and place your bet on the sports you like the most.

1. Virtual Football

If you love football, virtual football betting is for you. Just like placing regular football bets, virtual football betting allows you to bet on winners, losers, correct score, total goals, etc. You can choose from different leagues from around the world and even bet on Champions League and World Cup matches.

2. Virtual Horse Racing

Why not feel like you are at the horse track? There are different types of virtual horse racing games which you can bet on. Some have better graphics than others, but the virtual bets you can place are pretty much the same as in real life.

3. Virtual Greyhound Racing

Virtual dog racing is not as popular as the other sports but quite few people enjoy this game. You can bet whenever you like 24/7, everyday of the year. Everything is exactly the same as in ”real” greyhound betting. Most betting sites show their virtual greyhound races as a live feed to get the feeling as if it were a live dog racing event.

4. Virtual Motor Racing

Even though virtual motor racing is a computer generated event, as any other virtual game, it’s quite an exciting game. You will see the cars lining up for the race and here the engines roar. The advantage of placing a virtual sports bet on motor racing is that you can bet as often as you want, whenever you like. Some betting sites offer new motor races every 3 minutes. This means that you can enjoy the exhilarating racing action any time of the day!

5. Virtual Speedway

If you are a speedway fan you would probably love to bet on virtual speedway. The betting sites are streaming new races constantly, so you don’t have to plan ahead. Instead, you can choose to pick your your virtual sports betting line whenever you want. The only thing you will be missing is the distinctive smell from a speedway track.

6. Virtual Tennis

Even though tennis is a popular sport, many people actually don’t know about the existence of virtual tennis. Only a few internet bookmakers offer virtual tennis betting, but once you start betting you might really like the game.

7. Virtual Cycling

Cycling is enjoyed by many, but virtual cycling games are actually track cycling games. This type of cycling is popular in the UK and it is why this type of game can usually be found on UK based betting sites.

Placing a Virtual Sports Bet

The boom that virtual betting has experienced over the last few years has put a pressure on the betting companies to include virtual betting on their site. Today, most major bookmakers on the internet have virtual betting as an option. So, does placing a bet on virtual sports differ from regular betting?

To place a virtual bet works pretty much the same way as regular betting. The bookmakers will give you the odds, take your bets, and handle the payouts. All you need to do is, select an event, read the odds, and place your bet. It’s as simple as that!

When making your bets you sometimes only have a few minutes to decide because you are jumping into ongoing leagues. Some games are more on-demand games where you will have more time to figure out your bet.

A great thing with virtual sport betting is that you don’t need a big bankroll to begin with, because you can build it up over a few hours. It is because you don’t have wait for hours for games to finish. Virtual games can be wrapped up in a less than a minute.

Other Types of Virtual Betting

Sometimes people may think of virtual betting in a different way and not just virtual sports. You can sometimes find websites offering competitions where you are given a fake bankroll of x amount of credits that is to be used for predicting real sport events. The one with most money at the end of the season wins a prize.


Are there any virtual sports betting secrets to learn?

We have not had the opportunity to fully test the different virtual sports, so there might be a few secrets out there that we are unaware of. But if you already have betting strategy that works in real life, you should try it on virtual sports.

What is the outlook for virtual sports betting websites?

With the progress of technology everything just tend to get better. The future seem to look good for them.

I thought a virtual bet meant it was not real, isn’t that the case?

Well, sometimes a virtual bet is not real in the sense of betting money. Some people might use the word to describe a wager that is place online without any real money. So it is understandable if it is sometimes confusing with the word.

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