What is Virtual Football Betting?

Virtual football betting is about wagering on virtual football games. These games are operated by a software which simulates a football match between two teams.

Types of Virtual Football games

There are a few different types of virtual football games that you can place bets on. Many of these games can be found throughout different bookmakers online. The software behind each game might be different so you will see different types of football games, but let us give a few examples for you.

Virtual football league – This type of game simulates an entire football season. You can choose from multiple leagues from around the world, and games are played constantly around the clock. A whole season is probably played in about one hour, making each round last a few minutes. You can wager on single match bets, accumulator bets, or winner of each league.

Virtual football cups – Examples of games would be playing the World Cup or Champions League. The game starts from the group stages matches and works through the whole tournament to finally crown the winner.

Stand-alone matches – These games are not part of a virtual football league, but they do have the famous teams and also several national teams to select from. If you like virtual football betting then these type of game might suit you because much more betting lines are available.

Sometimes people searching for virtual football would also be interested in fantasy football. These type of games are a little bit different from the above in the sense that they do not simulate a football game.

When it comes to seeing an actual game being played, not every football betting site will have that option. You will either see no game at all, which is common in the virtual football cups, or you will see highlights of the game. Actually, the whole process from betting to having the final score does only take a few minutes. So there is not much time to see much. However, several stand-alone matches do have nice graphics showing the highlights of the game.

Why should you take up Virtual Football Betting?

There is obviously a great difference between virtual football and “real” football. A virtual football game is not the same as watching a live event. However, when it comes to placing a virtual football bet, it is the same as placing a bet on a “real” football match. But let’s see if we can find a few advantages or positive things why you should take up virtual football betting.

  • Many like the quick fix of being able to place a few bets during the day. Virtual football betting is great for that because within 10 minutes you have been able to place a few bets.
  • If you are interested in betting on virtual football leagues, you know that you can go through half a season in 30 minutes. This could be a positive thing for your virtual football betting strategy as you would then have stats to study and be able to find patterns to use for future bets.
  • You will have access to play on your favorite team any time of the day. Ok, so maybe it is not the real team that is lining up, but just to see the name of your favorite team on the betting slips makes it fun enough to place a bet on.

If you are a fan of football and like to bet, you just have to try betting on virtual football. Always try everything once before you judge!


How do I choose a good virtual football betting site?

You should first find out the type of virtual football you are interested in. Then you should select a reliable online bookmaker that can assure great service. Look also up if the bookmaker is offering any sign-up bonuses. You can always open accounts with several bookmakers offering betting on virtual football. It is actually quite common to do so.

What are the limits for virtual soccer betting if I wager in Euros?

It depends on each game and the currency you use, but it is common to see 0.20 minimum bets. The maximum virtual soccer bets can be around 150 Euros

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