Don’t know what to wear to a casino themed party?

There are numerous casino costumes you could wear to a casino themed party. It really depends on the exact type of party you are attending. If you are going to a Halloween party, you might want opt for a playing card costume like the King or Queen of Hearts costume. If you are going to a casino themed party, place a safe bet and wear a gangster inspired costume, or a 1920s inspired flapper dress for the ladies.

There are lots of great looking casino costumes for women to choose from. How about a showgirl dress with Vegas inspired peacock feathers, or a flirty burlesque dress? You could maybe wear a sexy casino bunny costume, if you are hosting a casino themed party.


For the guys there are also a few interesting costumes. Perhaps a cowboy gambler look will interest you? Or why not wear a poker themed suit?


There are lost of gorgeous casino costumes to choose from. Take a look at our selection of costumes and buy something you like!

Las Vegas Themed Costumes

The stunning showgirl outfits are one of the most popular Las Vegas themed costumes. No wonder, they are simply gorgeous and part of the Las Vegas history. The costume is minimalistic and comes with extravagant peacock feathers. The showgirls wore these magnificent outfits as an opening and closing act at the Las Vegas scenes back in the 1950s.

If you need a Las Vegas themed costume for men, then what could be a better idea than to dress up as the King himself – Mr. Elvis Presley. This look will undoubtedly “shake up” the guests at the next casino night party!


Casino Costume Ideas for a Host/ess

Casino Costume Ideas - Bunny CostumeA fun thing for a hostess to wear at a casino themed party is the Casino Bunny Costume. This so called “bunny suits” are inspired by the “Playboy Bunny Mascot” – a tuxedo-wearing rabbit. A “Playboy Bunny” is a waitress working at the Playboy Club. This exclusive club was open from 1960 to 1980, and then re-opened in 2006-2012 at The Palms Hotel in Las Vegas. A typical casino bunny costume consists of a teddy corset without straps, black pantyhose, fluffy cottontail, bunny ears, cuffs, and a collar.

For the guys hosting a Vegas themed party – what could be more appropriate than dressing up as a casino dealer? The popular Casino Dealer Costume comes with a green dealer vest, arm bands, shirt, bow tie, and visor. Sometimes the casino dealer costume also has a gold watch chain, and a couple of $100 bills fasten on the visor.

Also, a great idea if you are hosting a casino themed party, is to hand out fun casino apparel to your friends when they arrive. Have a selection of hats, dealer vests, visors, and dealer arm bands ready for your male friends. Greet your female guests with glamorous feathers and sparkly jewellery that they can wear at your casino party.


1920s Inspired Casino Costumes

Casino CostumesFlapper themed casino dresses are also a favorite choice at the casino parties. This type of outfit dates back to the 1920s when the Charleston dance was very popular. The flapper dress is very comfortable – sleeveless and with knee-length hemline. The dress is v-shaped in the back and front, and has a dropped waist-line. The flapper casino party costumes are perfect if you want a more sophisticated appearance. Don’t forget the boa, feathers, beads, headbands, elbow length gloves, and cigarette holder. These accessories will assure you getting the perfect look.

The 1920s is also known as the “gangster era” when illegal gambling in the underground world was very common. In those day, men wore tuxedos or suits, with a cool hat to go with the outfit. Vest and suspenders were also part of the outfit. The gangster casino themed costume is perfect if you want a cool style.


Burlesque CaBurlesque Casino Costumessino Costumes

The burlesque casino costumes are  very appreciated at any casino themed party. The Parisian Moulin Rouge / Can Can dresses from the early 1900s, and the outfits that showgirls used to wear at the cowboy saloons during the “Wild West” back in 1865-1890, are among the absolute favorites. If you want to be the center of attention, then go for an alluring burlesque inspired casino night costume.

There are also great casino costumes for men from the “Wild West” era. In those days, gambling was the most popular form of entertainment. Businessmen, cowboys, miners, lawmen, and lumberjacks all gambled for profit and pleasure. This is why the Wild West casino costumes are so appreciated. No matter if you want to dress up as a businessman, or cowboy, you will need a hat, vest, pocket watch, and suspenders to go with the suit.


Popular Casino Themed Costumes

Other great casino costume ideas include the Queen of Hearts Costume, and the Lady Luck Costume. These hot outfits are actually favorites at many Vegas themed parties, and will undoubtedly bring you good luck!

A poker themed gambling costume is also a great outfit for men and can be both worn for poker nights and as a poker Halloween costume.


Casino Halloween Costumes

If you need a casino Halloween costume, but want something that is a bit more playful, then the choice is definitely to take a look at the playing card costumes. You can be the king, queen or even dress up as the joker. However, most casino costumes make a great choice for a Halloween party.

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